Motorcycle racing

Motorcycle racing

Motorcycle racing has been around for a long time as it is one of the most thrilling and exciting races ever put together. It might not be as fast as car racing due to its size but the make of the motorcycles makes it different. The riders are out on the open pavement maneuvering their way in and around the track past other riders using only two wheels and a lot of skill. This also makes betting as exciting as the race itself.

Sometimes referred to as moto racing or simply bike racing, this sport has already built up a huge following thanks to its many different types of races. Here are some of the most popular ones people are following and betting on.

Traditional road racing

These are the ones that you would usually see on legal roads being shut down for a specific event. The roads are not built for racing which makes it even more exciting as you get to see performance motorcycles speeding their way past an ordinary street,

Motorcycle Grand Prix

This is one of the most popular types of racing and where most people bet on. It is important to understand that there are basically three types of Motorcycle Grand Prix or GP. The first one is the Moto3. This was put together recently in 2012 and the only one with age restriction. The limit is 25 years of age with a wild card that can be up to 28 years old. The motorcycles are also limited to up to 250cc in power.

The next one is the Moto2 which does not come with an age restriction but the motorcycles allowed in the race are only limited to 4-stroke 600cc engines. The MotoGP is considered the premiere race among the three. Though it struggled to over the years to come up with a limit on the bikes, they finally settled on a 4-stroke 1000cc bike to use in the race.

Superbike racing

Another league of motorcycle racing is for the superbikes. As the name suggests, these are even faster bikes that can go anywhere from 750cc all the way to 1200cc engines. The motorcycle though has to retain the look of its street legal counterparts even if the machine has been upgraded and modified for the sole purpose of racing.

Endurance racing

As the name suggests, this type of motorcycle racing tests both the strength and durability of the bike and the rider through a grueling race. These types of races are usually done in two ways – cover a set distance as fast as possible or be able to do laps on a course as fast as possible given a specific and set time.


This type of motorcycle racing is the equivalent of road racing done on an open and dirt road. Sometimes referred to as MX, Motocross is done on a closed circuit that is littered with grass, sand, and especially mud. It also features a lot of jumps where the motorcycle would see some airtime – something that is not present in other motorcycle races.