Go on a motorcycle holiday

Go on a motorcycle holiday

As motorcycle ownership starts to pick up, more and more people are starting to appreciate the practical uses for it. However, not a lot of people and even bike owners are keen to the idea of taking their two-wheeled vehicle out for a holiday. There are a lot of places to consider when you want to bring your motorcycle out for a long, nice and relaxing drive. This can give you the chance to enjoy coastal roads and scenery, interesting and challenging mountain passes as well as sweeping horizons you have only seen in movies. Here are some of the destination you should consider for a motorcycle holiday.

A2, Antrim Coast Road

Northern Ireland is already a great place to visit and taking your motorcycle along the Antrim Coast Road will take that experience to another level. It is considered to be one of the best places in the world to drive, walk or cycle to. The route runs from Larne to Giant’s Causeway giving you the chance to enjoy the seaside villages hidden between winding slopes and the sea. It is a good idea to take this road at least twice. The first to enjoy the scenery and the second, to appreciate the ride.

Route 66 The Mother Road

Often described as The Mother Road, this route in the USA takes riders from the Midwest all the way to the West Coast. Your motorcycle would take you cutting across Missouri all the way to Arizona with Kansas and New Mexico in between. After it was replaced by a series of interstates, riders taking up Route 66 is treated to a diverse ride through history as the road is littered with signs and truck stops that were once a big part of the place.

A39, Minehead to Barnstaple, Somerset/Devon

One of the best motorcycle routes in the UK is the A39. This is one of the longest roads in the South West and bridges Falmouth to Bath. The road stretches out to a glorious scenery from Barnstaple all the way to Minehead. The sweeping bends on the road will take on on some pretty interesting hills that will make the ride all worth it.

Things to bring on your motorcycle holiday

As you prepare for a long motorcycle holiday, there are a few things you need to pack to make the trip as fun and enjoyable as possible. For one, you should not forget to bring snacks if you have space on your bike. This helps you get over hunger pangs while out on the road. With this, you should also bring water with you and remember to drink even if you do not feel thirsty. This helps keep you alert on the road and safer on your trip.

One thing that can help you prevent headaches is to bring some silicone earplugs. As you travel on windy or even cold weather, you might experience ear aches. The earplugs would help prevent that from ruining your motorcycle holiday. It is also a good idea to bring binoculars to help you appreciate sights that might be too far away from the road.

Motorcycle holiday tips

It is a good idea to find a hotel that with a restaurant nearby. This gives you the chance to walk to and from when you need to grab a bite to eat at night rather than riding your bike again at night. For food, be sure to eat some light breakfast before heading out and never eat a lot of food during the day when out on your motorcycle. This can make you feel sleepy as your energy goes into digesting your food.