Buy your first motorcycle

Buy your first motorcycle

Motorcycles are becoming one of the most widely used vehicles around the world. Its versatility and ease of use make it one of the most sought after modes of transportation. This prompts a lot of people in purchasing a motorcycle for personal and at times, business use. However, there are a few things you need to consider especially when buying your first motorcycle.

The Real Cost of motorcycle Ownership

This is usually one of the first considerations when looking to buy your first motorcycle and more often than not, you are focused too much on the selling price and to some extent, gas prices. There is no doubt that the prices for these two-wheeled vehicles would usually come out less expensive than that of cars, you should look beyond the selling price.

For one, consider the gas prices as you look for a bike. As it would be a fraction of what you are putting in your car, it would tend to add up over time as well. Another thing you need to consider when you are buying your first motorcycle would be insurance costs. Apart from age and driving record, insurance companies will also look at population density in your place as well as theft rate of motorcycles in your area.

You also have to factor in your expenses when buying the equipment you need when riding your bike. All these are the safety equipment you need such as your helmet and other riding pads. Add the maintenance cost for your motorcycle as well. This includes your tires, oil, spark plug and even belt replacement.

Riding ability

Once you shop around, you could be tempted to buy the biggest and fastest bike on display. This could be dangerous especially if it is your first time to ride a bike. It is important to stick to the type of bike that you can handle and progress from there. As you get comfortable on your motorcycle, then it might be a good time to trade up.

Your need for the motorcycle

Why are you buying the motorcycle in the first place? This is a question you need to answer before making a purchase. As you determine your need, you would be in a great position to choose the right type of motorcycle for you. If you simply need it for everyday travel over short distances, a standard bike would be great. There are also cruisers and touring types of motorcycles for longer rides. For the adrenaline-looking riders and more experienced ones, the flashier sportbikes or commonly referred to as “crotch rockets” could do the trick. Again, it depends on understanding why you are buying your first motorcycle.