A site about motorcycles

A site about motorcycles

This site aims to help you understand and appreciate motorcycles even more as a lot of people are starting to fall in love with this two-wheeled vehicle. The site is the brainchild of a motorcycle-loving person who knows how to appreciate the call of the open road riding on his Harley Davidson as he takes on the view and pleasure of riding.

Harley Davidson

As the site is put together by a Harley Davidson fan, you will also get to understand how the motorcycle brand has become entrenched into the very fabric of the industry. The Harley Davidson name is synonymous with quality and highs standards in the motorcycle world. One cannot talk about bikes without mentioning the brand.

Las Vegas BikeFest

The site will also help you get a feel of how it is to attend one of the biggest motorcycle bike fest held every year in Las Vegas. The Bikefest features the gathering of like-minded individuals all attracted to the world of motorcycles. Apart from the Harley Davidson bikes being given away during the event, it also showcases a lot of live performances and even a poker run.

Casinos in Las Vegas

As the site explains the bike fest, it also helps you pick out some of the best casinos in town. As Las Vegas is popular for its world-class hotels and casinos, there are a lot of places to go to when you want to enjoy and have some fun. It is a good idea to try online casinos before heading on out into the real ones to give you a feel of the games.

Best motorcycle routes

The site also imparts some of the best motorcycle routes when you are planning to have a holiday and take your bike out on long rides. It gives you an idea on where the most scenic routes are in the world from Route 66 in the US to the A2 and A39 in the UK. Taking a motorcycle out on long rides is one of the best ways to enjoy the bike. The site also offers you some tips on what to bring during these trips. It is important to have an idea what the essentials are to be able to enjoy the ride. This is on top of understanding what the basic equipment that you need whenever you take your motorcycle out on a run. From the helmet to the jacket to the boots, these are all meant to keep you and other riders on the road as safe as possible.

Getting a motorcycle license

The site also walks you through getting a motorcycle license in the UK. It talks about the Compulsory Basic Training course or the CBT. After which, the site also explains some of the steps you have to take from theory test to the two-part practical test to help you get your license and finally be able to ride without the L-plate on your bike.